Dog Grooming Services


Haircut Groom Service includes: Nail clip & buff; Brush Out, Sanitary & Pad trim; Ear cleaning; Organic, natural shampoo and conditioner custom selected for your dog's specific skin and coat; Muzzle facial; Teeth gel; a Precision Breed Haircut. Price varies by breed, size & temperament.


Shedless Dog Bath Treatment Service includes: Nail clip & buff; Brush out coat, Sanitary & Pad trim (where applicable); Ear cleaning; Organic, natural Shedless shampoo and Shedless conditioner with more brushing; Muzzle facial; Teeth gel, Blow. Price varies by breed, size & temperament.

Nail Trim

Nail Trim Service includes: Clip & buff (dogs) nails, clean the ears. $15.00

More info: Nail trims are recommended on a monthly basis for optimal health of your pet. Long nails can cause muscular-skeletal pain. Just like when you hurt your toe, you compensate by walking different, then your hip and your back start to hurt.

Paw Plus

Paw Plus Treatment includes: Nail clip & buff; Ear cleaning; Eye tear area scoop; Sanitary & Pad trim. $20.00-$25.00

Cat Grooming Services

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming includes: Nail clip, ears cleaned, brushing, sanitary and pad trim if needed, bath with eco-friendly "Chubb Bar" shampoo and conditioner, dry, and haircut according to your request.

Cat Boarding Services

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding includes: Daily litterbox, food bowl, water bowl, and bedding cleaning; food and treats per your routine and restrictions; caregiver interaction and kennel free roaming time; socialization with other cats if appropriate; daily photos to your phone or email.

Each cat gets its own individual 3 level condo.

cat boarding

A Look Inside

Here's a look inside our salon. We have a special place for our cat grooming clients to make sure they are comfortable and happy while here.

welcome to pet stylista a cozy place for cats grooming stations