Peni Wilson
Peni Wilson is the owner of Pet Stylista. She has a passion for all four-legged pets and trained at the NY School of Dog Grooming in Manhattan, NY. She is mom to 3 rescue dogs of her own.


Tami Robinson
Tami Robinson is a cat person, not just a Cat Groomer. She started grooming in 1996. Tami and her husband are parents to 2 cats: Bucky and Schoochums.

Sarah Reid
Sarah Reid started out in cosmetology. But growing up with all types of animals, she soon took those skills to grooming 4-legged clients and never looked back. Her family is owned by 2 Shih Tzus, an Australian Shepherd and a cat named Dexter.

Cynthia Salazar
Cynthia Salazar remembers reading dog breed books as a child and was on a path to be a veterinarian. To gain experience working with animals she took a job as a bather and before she knew it she discovered her creative passion in grooming.


A West Sac native, Chris came to us from CSU Monterey and a salon catering to the rich and famous. He rescued his Pomeranian Yogi there as well. Chris's long term goal is to train to perform physical therapy rehabilitation on canines.

Jessica came to Sacramento from the Bay Area and has worked with dogs in various capacities for the past two years. She has a soft spot for Pitties and dogs with underbites.

Sylvia volunteered at a shelter and worked at a doggie day care before joining our team. Her “big passion” for working with dogs has led her to school here. She is studying to be a veterinary tech.

Keri knew she wanted to work with animals so right out of high school she got a job as a bather where she worked until she came to Pet Stylista.

We are always looking for good groomers to join our team.

Photos by Julie Powell.