About Peni
Before opening the salon, Peni worked many different jobs. After an entry to college she graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Design in 1991, and had a 23 year career as an interior designer. While working for developers in the Middle East for the last 6 years of that career she spent most of her free time with a small grass roots animal rescue group where she discovered her love of dogs and cats. Through rescue, fostering, boarding and adopting she learned a lot about pets.

Before moving back to the USA, Peni decided to change career paths and became professionally trained at the NY School of Dog Grooming in Manhattan, New York. After working as a groomer on the Upper East side Peni returned to her home town of Sacramento to work and eventually establish a grooming business.

In November 2013, Peni opened Pet Stylista in Oak Park where she brought her artistic eye to the grooming business by creating a boutique spa environment, with soft music and positive loving reinforcement. Peni proudly "Grooms Green" using natural products, recycling, and an up-cycled decor.

Services include: